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Adharvenu Flutes is a company based in India that specializes in making high-quality bamboo flutes. They offer a wide range of flutes, including Indian classical flutes (bansuri) , Carnatic Flutes and Arabic flutes, in various sizes and keys. Adharvenu Flutes prides itself on using only the best quality bamboo and materials, and their flutes are handcrafted by skilled artisans. They also offer customized flutes for musicians who require specific features or designs. Adharvenu Flutes ships worldwide and has a strong reputation for excellent customer service.

Here at Adharvenu, We are creating melodious instrument called Bansuri from hollow piece of bamboo that has been collected from forest of Assam. Being in the world of competitions, we have to keep the standards of instruments quite up and for that we concentrate on each and every pieces to fulfill the customer's requirements. Unlike other woodwind instruments with reeds, a flute is a reedless instrument. We have to set tuning by making holes perfectly as per customer's playing styles. It totally depends on blowing angle and playing styles of a flutist. Blowing angles of makers and players may be different in some cases. So before making flutes, we confirm playing and holding styles by discussing and asking for videos, photos of particular player for minimizing the risk of errors sometimes if requires. It seems very easy to make perfect Bansuri but that is not the truth. No one can claim perfect and complete in Basuri making.

We can say, It's a simple instrument with complex concepts of makings.


One can make Bansuri properly only if He/She can Play it properly.


Hundreds of aspect are there to make a good flute and it changes person to person. For getting the best Flute, personal visit is recommended if possible. But if not possible then discuss and share videos of your holding, blowing and playing styles.


Usually we make Flutes at 440 hz as per International tuning standards. We also make tuning as per customer's requirements like 432 hz, 434 hz, 436 hz, 438 hz etc.


We are 2 partners, Founders, Owners of Adharvenu Flutes and Live Flutists for various Events.


The 1st & main pillar is Jaydip Mavani, Maker himself is very good player for Indian Classical Music, makes each and every flute carefully for our customers. He has also got trained by Shri Bharat Raj, disciple of Shri Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia initially in Flute playing at Vrindawan Gurukul, Mumbai


2nd one is Radhe, Live Flutist for hundreds of Events and Music teacher since 2013 in Surat, Gujarat. He teaches to play Keyboard, Flute, Guitar, Harmonica and Vocal at his own Institute named The Dreamzzz in Surat, Gujarat. The Dreamzzz is mostly known for Flute Instrumental Shows. He plays Flutes, Grand Piano, Keyboard, Guitar professionally for Live Events and also organise Music Events like Flute Instrumentals, Vocal / Unplugged Shows, Grand Piano Shows, Sangeet Sandhya Shows and many more from last few years.


Watch Videos of Live Events,

Click here The Dreamzzz


We have sent our Indian & Arabic Bamboo Flutes to various countries like UK, USA, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Denmark, Europe, Canada, Bahrain, Mexico, Germany, Israel, Italy, Singapore, Spain, South Africa for our customers.


You can also contact us for Bulk Inquiries for reselling purposes in their countries. We are always available for new opportunities and challenges.


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